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Public Authorities

November 4, 2016

Public authorities ‘must consider trade-offs’ before setting Internet of Things regulation

The government must proceed with caution when considering regulation of the Internet of Things and realize a one-size-fits-all approach may not be …

Digital Economy Bill lacks clarity on data sharing, experts say

The changes to be introduced cover a number of aspects of data management, including plans to allow public authorities to share personal data with …

Privatizing, partnerships future of public transit

Toronto Sun

In 1951, public authorities took control of Montreal’s transit system by municipalizing the private company that was until then offering transit services

Digital Republic Bill Uses Crowdsourcing To Promote Data Protection, Net Neutrality And …


… policy to include public and private entities, public service concession holders or entities whose activities are subsidized by the public authorities.

How much should we know about Jayalalithaa’s health?

Daily News & Analysis

… are of sound mental and physical health, isn’t it in the ‘interest of the public’ to ask the same of public authorities whose decisions impact the nation?

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