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Links roundup—extended edition

April 13, 2012

Economic development

  • On opening day, NY Yankees parking garages limp toward default. [Transportation Nation]
  • Economic development reporting in New York City: what’s missing? [Citizens Budget Commission]
  • Appellate court smacks down ESD, upholds decision ordering new study of long-term Atlantic Yards impact. [Atlantic Yards Report]
  • Eminent domain hammer in hand, Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority plows ahead with plaza expansion. [Buffalo Rising]

Infrastructure finance

  • Cuomo’s infrastructure bank to fund parks with $143 million. [Transportation Nation]
  • New York invests $1.2 billion in roads under new infrastructure bank. [Transportation Nation]
  • Talking transit funding with construction honcho Denise Richardson. [StreetsBlog]
  • Assemblyman James Brennan introduced a bill that would allow New York State voters in 2013 to approve (or disapprove) $4.5 billion in new debt for statewide infrastructure. [Capital NY]


  • Assembly Bill 9339, if passed, will require state public authorities to meet certain energy conservation targets and to prepare energy conservation and waste management plans. [AB 9339A]
  • Ogdensburg Bridge and Port Authority wants railroad funds diverted to port road. [Watertown Daily Times]
  • The strange towers in the middle of the Hudson are actually ventilation shafts that keep car drivers in the Holland Tunnel from asphyxiating on carbon monoxide. [Gothamist]
  • Activist puts Albany, NY neighborhood on the bus map. [NPR]
  • Devising ways to turn the Tappan Zee Bridge into a park. [NYT]
  • National Grid, LIPA host Long Island business opportunity fair for diverse firms. [Examiner]
  • We don’t need new roads. [Salon]


  • New York’s subways booming as bus ridership continues decline. [Transportation Nation]
  • The top 10 subway stations of 2011, by borough. [2nd Ave. Sagas]
  • The MTA’s uninteresting swap scandal. [The Torch]
  • Photos of New York subway riders in the 1980s. [Lost at E Minor]
  • Following a recent crane collapse at an MTA construction site, Christine Quinn called for increased city oversight on state-run projects. [Gothamist]
  • The MTA has pushed back the
 completion date for its electronic security program by another two years
 until 2014, putting the program nearly six years behind its original scheduled completion date. [Transportation Nation]
  • MTA vice chairman gets into tussle with cop. [NY Daily News]
  • Just how bad is all that MTA debt anyway? [2nd Ave. Sagas]
  • MTA chairman Joe Lhota on a proposed extension of the 7 train subway line from Manhattan to New Jersey: “It’s not going to happen in our lifetime. It’s not going to happen in anybody’s lifetime.” [Transportation Nation] [WSJ Metropolis Blog]
  • Video: The Voice profiles Sandhogs. [2nd Ave. Sagas]
  • Unusual urban pastime of the day: subway speed riding. [Atlantic Cities]

Port Authority

  • Logo for One World Trade Center revealed. [Animal NY] [WSJ Metropolis Blog]
  • One World Trade Center hits 100th floor, making it four feet short of becoming the tallest building in the city. [NY1]

Public housing

  • Pair charged with taking bribes to keep crack out of public housing. [Gothamist]
  • New chairman to lead New York State’s housing agencies (including the Housing Finance Agency and the State of New York Mortgage Agency). [Read Media]
  • Fresh data on public housing relocation and crime. [Atlantic Cities]
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