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Links roundup—beyond NY edition

April 13, 2012
  • Subway platforms around the world. This one is from Moscow. [Atlantic Cities]

  • Atlanta’s MARTA moves ahead with rail projects in anticipation of regional sales tax. [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]
  • The Memphis Housing Authority must face a wrongful death suit over the murder of a tenant by another resident with known violent propensities, the Tennessee Supreme Court ruled. [Courthouse News Service]
  • Cloud of skepticism surrounds Chicago Infrastructure Trust. [Progress Illinois]
  • Lawmaker wants guns to be permitted on Missouri buses and trains. [Kansas City Star]
  • Does Ohio’s transportation policy violate the Americans with Disabilities Act? [Rustwire]
  • A labor group claims in court that the Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority unconstitutionally refused to post its paid ad on trains—”Let’s Make All Airport Jobs Good Jobs”—by claiming that “political type ads” are not allowed on trains and buses. [Courthouse News Service]
  • How BART finally decided to replace its bacteria-covered, gross old seats. [Atlantic Cities] [The Bay Citizen]
  • Denver bus drivers protest cuts that affect poor, disabled. [Denver Post]
  • San Francisco Muni strives to recapture streetcar speeds of 1912. [NYT]
  • Survey shows that 40% support a state bailout for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. [Boston Globe]
  • The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority says it might allow an animal rights group to advertise on its subway cars, but it won’t allow it to hang fake snakes from ceilings and handrails because that might interfere with rider safety. [Boston Globe]
  • D.C. Metro riders, and some experts, wonder why escalator work takes so long. [WaPo]
  • Dynamic tolling coming to Virgina express lanes. [Transportation Nation]
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