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Links roundup

March 23, 2012

From Drylands: Water and the West, a collection of photographs depicting 20th century water engineering structures. Click image for source.


  • Governor Cuomo is seeking legislation that would allow private equity firms to help finance public works construction projects, including the new $5.2 billion Tappan Zee Bridge. [Bloomberg]
  • But public-private partnerships that rely on private capital to finance infrastructure present their own challenges, and “there are no magic financing techniques.” [Governing]
  • A fix for America’s silent sewer scourge. [Atlantic Cities]
  • The DC Metro has a new map. [WaPo Dr. Gridlock Blog]

 Economic development

  • New York City Comptroller John Liu released a rather critical audit of the city’s IDA, finding various deficiencies in the agency’s review, evaluation, and monitoring of its sponsored projects. [NYC Comptroller Press Release] [Audit Report] [Village Voice Runnin’ Scared Blog] [NY Daily News]
  • While most of New York’s IDAs offer pre-approved tax breaks, the Jefferson County IDA uses a process called “taxing jurisdiction approval” that requires subsidy applicants to get approvals from school boards, town boards, city councils, and sometimes the county legislature. [Innovation Trail]


  • Sam Schwartz, former New York City traffic commissioner, is lobbying to get new tolls installed on the city’s East River bridges south of 60th Street—which could then be used to fund the MTA. [WSJ]

Port Authority

  • Since the beginning of March, the Port Authority has filed lawsuits against 34 alleged toll dodgers. [NJ Star-Ledger]
  • The dispute between New York City and the Port Authority over $150 million in infrastructure costs at the World Trade Center September 11 museum is costing contractors a lot of money. [Capital NY] [NY Post Editorial]
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