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Links roundup—transit edition (with champagne cellars, exploding bridges, and executive compensation)

February 22, 2012

A vault built into the base of the Brooklyn Bridge that was once rented to a wine merchant for champagne storage because the temperature changed so little during the year, via Edible Geography. Click image for source.

  • “House Republicans seek to eliminate the Mass Transit Account from the federal Highway Trust Fund. The Mass Transit Account is where public transportation programs get their steady source of funding. Without it, transit would be devastated, and urban life as we know it could become untenable.” [Salon]
  • Extending a successful pilot program that began in 2008, the California legislature approved a bill authorizing San Francisco to enforce parking violations in transit-only traffic lanes by installing automated forward-facing cameras on public transit vehicles. [The Atlantic Cities] [AB 1041]
  • Video: The Spectacular Destruction of Ohio’s Fort Steubenville Bridge. [Rustwire]

Since the MTA is installing new stainless steel benches in the subways, it’s selling the old wooden ones, for just $650 each, via Gothamist. Click image for source.

  • The private company that took over the MTA’s Long Island Bus service has announced $7.2 million in proposed service cuts. [2nd Ave. Sagas]
  • Can subways ever really be rat-free? [The Atlantic Cities]
  • Maybe. The MTA’s “bold and seemingly moronic experiment” to reduce subway litter by removing trash cans is apparently working, at least by some accounts. [NY Daily News]
  • New renderings of the MTA’s $1.4 billion reconstruction of the Fulton Transit Center, which was partially damaged after 9/11 and has long been in need of an upgrade. [Transportation Nation]
  • Finally,  according to records reviewed by the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, “the Rochester-Genesee Regional Transportation Authority, the agency that runs the region’s public bus system, paid its chief executive more in bonuses last year than over half its 886 employees received in wages.” [Rochester Democrat and Chronicle]
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