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Links roundup—miscellaneous edition

February 22, 2012

The world’s coolest manhole cover designs, via The Atlantic Cities. Click image for source.

  • Cities are reevaluating waste infrastructure with planning, technology, and design. [The Architect’s Newspaper]
  • “When it comes to public-private partnerships, or P3s, the U.S. moves at its own pace. Add another ‘P’ to P3 for patience.” [The Deal]
  • What are New York’s PIT (personal income tax) bonds? [Public Authorities Blog]

New York City’s watersheds, as illustrated in the August 1937 issue of Popular Mechanics, via mammoth. Click image for source.

  • Fake winter has been tough on the three New York ski areas overseen by the Olympic Regional Development Authority. [NYT City Room Blog]
  • The Long Island Power Authority brought in $92 million last year from ratepayers and grants to finance energy-efficiency and renewable-energy programs, but $28 million of that went unspent in large part due to program delays. [Suffolk County LIPA Oversight Committee, via Long Island Business News]
  • Could “service design” improve interactions between public authorities and the people they serve? A new nonprofit in Brooklyn plans to collaborate on an interdisciplinary service design program with tha New York City Department of Housing Preservation (and presumably with the New York City Housing Authority as well). [The Architect’s Newspaper]
  • Speaking of housing authorities, check out this essay exploring the “striking parallels between Cabrini-Green’s slum-clearance origins in the 1930s and ’40s and the more recent fate of this site under the Chicago Housing Authority’s ongoing Plan for Transformation. [Design Observer]
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