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Links roundup—extended edition

February 13, 2012

A photo of the MTA's new 7 line extension. Click photo for source.

Economic development

  • Tax exempt revenue bonds issued by the New York City IDA to finance an unecessary parking garage at Yankee Stadium are poised to go into default by the end of the year. More on this soon. [NY Daily News] [StreetsBlog]
  • The Niagara County IDA adopted a provision asking subsidy applicants to use their “best efforts” to hire local workers. [Tonawanda News]
  • Some people in the Bronx think the subsidies offered to online grocer FreshDirect (to persuade the company not to move to New Jersey) are insufficiently transparent and an improper use of city funds. Mayor Bloomberg disagrees. [Politicker] [NY Daily News] [also NY Daily News]
  • Meet the New York City IDA’s board members. [StreetsBlog]
  • Do industrial development agencies really create jobs? [Innovation Trail]
  • The Independent Democratic Caucus released a report on easing New York’s regulatory burdens and promoting business. [Report] [TU Capitol Confidential Blog]

The Port Authority & Thruway Authority

  • More on the Port Authority audit released last week. [Capital NY] [NYT] [Transportation Nation] [also Transportation Nation]
  • It’s time to address the calamity that is Penn Station. [NYT]
  • The Moynihan Station Development Corporation (which is actually a subsidiary of ESDC, not the Port Authority) rejected bids for a project to revamp a concourse and upgrade passenger amenities in a portion of Penn Station because they well all too high. [WSJ]
  • Over the past decade, the Thruway Authority has spent $500 million on routine maintenance and repairs for the aging Tappan Zee Bridge, and a report compiled for the proposed replacement bridge says that it will cost more than twice that much to keep the bridge in working order for another decade. [Journal News]

Transit authorities beyond New York

  • Why does it take so long to build subway lines? Oh, just little things like bureaucracy, lack of funding, politics, existing infrastructure, mismanagement, addiction to cars, and labor and environmental laws. [Salon]
  • D.C. Metro signs ask people to exit alight from buses. Maybe Metro officials should consider some of the federal plain language guidelines. [WaPo]
  • Video of Detroit’s increasingly desperate transit situation. [Rustwire]
  • Transit authorities across the country fight crime with classical music. [The Atlantic Cities]
  • But jazz, it seems, is deadly: a popular BART station saxophone busker was arrested on suspicion of murdering his ex-wife 25 years ago. [SF Chronicle]
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