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Links roundup—New York transportation edition

February 9, 2012

Just because: an 1860 map of Central Park.


  • In its response to the lawsuit brought by passengers who were stranded on an A train during the Christmas blizzard of 2010, the MTA is using the “Act of God” defense. [Gothamist]
  • The Transport Workers Union has declared the winner of its most-ugly-subway-rat contest. Be prepared to be horrified. [The Atlantic Cities] [Gothamist]
  • Planning is underway for the year-long celebration of Grand Central’s 100th birthday, with events starting in February 2013. [Press Release]
  • Cutting MTA bus service on Fridays could save $13 million. [Gothamist]

Ogdensburg Bridge & Port Authority

  • Although the ABO recommended otherwise, the Ogdensburg Bridge and Port Authority decided to maintain a policy allowing current and former board members (and their spouses) to cross the Ogdensburg-Prescott bridge without paying the $2.75 toll. [Watertown Daily Times]

Port Authority

  • With Chris Christie under scrutiny for patronage, the Port Authority quietly released a long-touted audit. [Capital NY]
  • And what about that audit? “The Port Authority spends money like a blackout drunk with a credit card.” [Animal NY]
  • More specifically, the audit estimated that the total cost of rebuilding the World Trade Center site will be $14.8 billion—a huge increase from the $11.5 billion estimate made in 2008. [NYT] [WSJ Metropolis Blog] [Gothamist]
  • Bloomberg’s take on the audit: ‘Easy to play Monday morning quarterback.’ [Capital NY]
  • Moving on to other Port Authority news, state legislators in New York and New Jersey are sponsoring reform bills that would improve the authority’s accountability and oversight. [NJ Star-Ledger] [SILive]
  • Also, the Port Authority has hired an ethics consultant for only $10,000 a month. [WSJ NY Blog]
  • And two New York-area auto clubs were denied a preliminary injunction against the Port Authority’s toll increases because they failed to show a likelihood of success on their claim that the Port Authority is illegally using toll proceeds to subsidize the World Trade Center project. But the judge also denied the Port Authority’s motion to dismiss, so the case will continue to trial. [Automobile Club of New York, Inc. v. Port Authority, 2012 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 14975 (S.D.N.Y. Feb. 6, 2010)] [Bloomberg] [NJ Star-Ledger]

Thruway Authority

  • The Thruway Authority announced four engineering and construction companies that have been found qualified to bid on the $5 billion Tappan Zee Bridge project. [Times Herald-Record]
  • But some of these contractors have histories of millions of dollars in cost overruns and months of construction delays on high-profile projects. [Journal News]
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