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Links roundup—extended edition

February 2, 2012
  • The White House is all about pay-for-success bonds (also known as social impact bonds). [GOOD]
  • The Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority has signed a historic project labor agreement that requires 40% of the authority’s work hours to be performed by people who live in disadvantaged communities, with 10% of that 40% being reserved for people suffering from homelessness, chronic unemployment, or other challenges. [LA Times]
  • New York has the second worst business tax climate in the U.S., according to a report from the Tax Foundation. New Jersey came in last. [The Torch Blog]


  • The Authorities Budget Office has released a report identifying more than 200 state and local authorities that failed to file a budget, annual or audit report on time. [ABO Delinquent List] [Little Falls Times]



  • Governor Cuomo signed the LIPA Oversight Bill into law. [Press Release]


  • The MTA pays the state a bond issuance fee of $8.40 for every $1,000 it borrows—and over the last 6 years these fees have added up to $105 million. [NY Daily News] [2nd Ave. Sagas]
  • Contract talks between the MTA and the Transport Workers Union are resuming today. [WSJ Metropolis Blog] [Transportation Nation] [Gothamist]
  • A report from the Straphangers Campaign praised the MTA for keeping trash in check, but criticized it for all the stations that have peeling paint and exposed wiring. [WSJ Metropolis Blog]
  • Another subway survey found that 61% of riders thing service has gotten worse since 2009. [Animal NY]
  • Say hello to the MTA’s night subway map. [2nd Ave. Sagas] [Gothamist]


  • Assemblyman Sean M. Ryan is calling on the acting chairman of the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority to resign because of alleged conflicts of interest and “failed leadership.” [Buffalo News]

Port Authority

  • Former Port Authority head Chris Ward on the withering of New York transit and the bad politics of infrastructure funding. [Capital NY]
  • Patronage hires at the Port Authority have increased under Governor Christie’s administration, critics say. [The Record] [Transportation Nation]
  • But Christie isn’t apologizing. [The Record]
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