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Links roundup—economic development edition

November 11, 2011
  • A contract between NYPA and the St. Lawrence River Valley Redevelopment Agency regarding the allocation of 20 MW of power is expected to be signed by the end of the year, and it will probably prohibit the redevelopment agency from selling unused portions of the energy on the open market. [Watertown Daily Times]
  • The Empire State Development Corporation and the “Eminent Domain One-Percenter.” [Inverse Condemnation Blog]
  • Some people think that the Erie County IDA should start using eminent domain to acquire the “vacant and filthy” storefronts in downtown Buffalo and transfer them to private developers, but the idea is proving to be quite controversial. “The eminent domain process is a difficult, challenging and expensive process,” said a representative from the city’s office of strategic planning. “It is also a politically polarizing process….. But… to some the alternative of doing nothing may be worse.” [WGRZ]
  • Mission creep? The Erie County IDA is considering an incentive package that will help a meat processing company not only in expanding its industrial facilities, but also in fulfilling the owner’s dream to create an “English village” around the plant that (they say) could become a tourist attraction. [Buffalo Business First]
  • Governor Cuomo approved $4.2 million in Community Development Block Grants, much of which will end up going to state and local public authorities. [TU Capitol Confidential]
  • The NYC IDA approved $1.7 million in tax breaks for an electric vehicle manufacturing facility in the Bronx, and pretty much everyone thinks it was a great decision. [Crain’s] [NY Daily News]
  • Activists with the Alliance for a Greater New York and OWS supporters protested at Chase Bank in Downtown Brooklyn yesterday. They want the bank—which has moved thousands of city jobs to other states—to create more jobs or give back the $235 million in subsidies it got from the NYC IDA in the late 1980s. “We want to highlight the disinvestment in the community,” a spokesperson for the Alliance said. “Right around the corner there are buildings boarded up. We’re probably doing something that’s not right if we’re not seeing the results of that money in the neighborhoods.” [NYT The Local Blog] [NY Daily News]
  • Sullivan County is selling a golf course to the Bethel LDC (a local public authority) for $54,000, and the plan seems to be to flip it by selling it to a housing developer. If the LDC can get more than $100,000 for it, any excess profits will go back to the county. There should be a simpler way to do this. [River Reporter]
  • In Ohio, a quasi-public entity called the Lake Erie Energy Development Corporation is trying to build a windfarm. Supporters hope that “installing a handful of wind turbines offshore could spark a revival…, changing Cleveland’s image from a deindustrialized ghost town to ‘a green city on the blue lake.’” [WBEZ]
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