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Public Authorities Program Prompts Discussion

October 31, 2011

Recognizing that State and local public authorities have considerable experience complying with PAAA and PARA, the Authorities Budget Office and Public Authorities Project of the Government Law Center thought it worthwhile to host a program to promote the exchange of views on the efficacy and issues with the law.

Much of the discussion focused on the implementation of PARIS. Noteably, even those who expressed concerns the level of detail required said that the ABO staff were responsive and effective in explaining compliance. David Kidera, the ABO Director, said that standing practice is for the ABO to respond to inquiries the same day, unless they require additional research.

Among the interesting revelations was a analysis shared by the ABO which demonstrated that salaries for public authority personnel were generally similar to those in state agencies, and that the personnel rolls of authorities was growing at a slower pace than those of state agencies. The compensation of senior management at most authorities was well within the state agency range, except for a handful of state authorities where senior management payment metrics were valued in some measure based upon private sector salaries.

Additional topics discussed at the Program will be detailed in future blog entries.

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