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Links roundup

October 25, 2011
  • The Syracuse Post-Standard covers the ABO report on inappropriate IDA gifts and concludes that “Audits like this prove the worth of an independent watchdog for public authorities.” [Post-Standard Opinion Blog]
  • New York City wants the Port Authority to pay for security measures around Ground Zero, but the authority doesn’t have the money. [NY Post]
  • The MTA wants to find out if removing trash bins from subway stations will nudge riders to throw their refuse out somewhere else. [MTA Report] [NYT] [NY Daily News]
  • Being a bus driver is a apparently a dangerous job. The MTA reports that passenger assaults are up 20% this year, with an average of seven attacks on bus drivers per month. [NY Daily News]
  • However, the MTA’s annual customer satisfaction survey found that “84% of subway customers reported being satisfied with the overall comfort and convenience of using the subway, up six percentage points from last year.” [MTA Press Release] [Gothamist]
  • Purchasing transit fares? There’s an app for that. [NJ Star-Ledger]
  • According to a new report from Good Jobs First, “Connecticut’s major economic development expenditures are high in cost, poorly monitored and may be undermining the public goods that actually constitute the state’s competitive advantage for jobs.” [Clawback Blog]
  • DNAinfo explains what the Hudson Yards Infrastructure Corporation and the Hudson Yards Development Corporation are supposed to do. [DNAinfo]
  • Urban Land Magazine explains what the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation is supposed to do. [Urban Land]
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