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Links roundup

September 29, 2011

  • Who knew there were tennis courts in Grand Central Station all this time? And apparently they’re rather pricey… hopefully the MTA’s getting a cut. [Gothamist]
  • The MTA’s seeing a surge in ridership from the Port Authority’s recent toll hikes, at least. New York City parking garages, on the other hand, aren’t so happy. No word yet on the Port Authority’s opinion. [NY Post]
  • In other MTA news, the authority is being sued for refusing to run a subway advertisement that infers that Muslims are “savages.” The MTA says it violates the authority’s ad standards by “demean[ing] an individual or group of individuals.” The plaintiff, Pamela Geller of the American Freedom Defense Institute, responded: “I will say this until someone in those clueless ivory towers of the sharia-compliant MTA understands this. ‘Savage’ is accurate. The pro-jihad MTA cannot ban the truth, particularly in the political arena.” [Gothamist] [NY Daily News]
  • LIPA is raising rates in an effort to recoup a projected $18 million budget gap. [Newsday]
  • And  NYPA’s board voted 4-0 to reject the proposed Great Lakes Off-Shore Wind Project, saying that the authority doesn’t have enough capital funds to pay for the ambitious project. [TU]
  • The new Empire State Development CEO, Kenneth Adams, opposes creating a subsidiary or other governance entity for the Atlantic Yards project in Brooklyn. [Atlantic Yards Report]
  • Finally, Gayle Horwitz, president of the Battery Park City Authority, says that the authority’s new ball fields are the most sustainable in the country, possibly the world. [DNAinfo]
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