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Links roundup

September 26, 2011
  • Governor Cuomo signed a number of bills last week, including items affecting the New York State Medical Care Facilities Finance Agency, the Dormitory Authority, the Orange County Water Authority, NYSERDA, and the MTA. [Governor’s Office]
  • He also told the audience at his first online town hall meeting that New York could find plenty of replacement power sources if Indian Point is shut down, possibly by retrofitting old power plants, building new ones, or improving transmission lines. [NY Daily News]
  • But should we maybe be a little skeptical about the state’s ability to pay for new power projects? New York already needs $250 billion for basic infrastructure maintenance over the next 20 years, and we’re currently short about $80 billion. [LoHud]
  • More on New York’s infrastructure financing problems. As per Port Authority Executive Director Chris Ward: “Unfortunately, you cannot always do more with less. Sometimes you must simply do more. And until that reality becomes part of our political conversation, we will be playing catch-up with the rest of the world.” [The Capitol]
  • The New York City Housing Authority is looking to solve some of its own money problems by selling advertising space at its 334 developments. Officials are working on guidelines for the advertisements, but they’re not ruling out ads for vicey things like alcohol, gambling, and fast food. But cigarette advertisements are already legally prohibited, and Mayor Bloomberg promised that there won’t be any porn ads. [NY Daily News] [also NY Daily News]
  • To end on a brighter note, NYSERDA actually has money to spend, and it’s offering grants to support energy efficiency education. “NYSERDA previously has supported hands-on classroom projects on a wide range of energy efficiency and renewable energy topics as part of its K-12 Energy Smart Students Program. The change this year recognizes the impact that children and teens can have on energy consumption in their homes.“ [NYSERDA]
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