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Links roundup—IDA edition

September 19, 2011
  • Business owners take note: to get the bigger subsidies, threaten to move to the next town over. If you’re lucky, IDAs will start fighting over you. [Buffalo News]
  • That’s partially why Mark Poloncanrz, the Democratic candidate for Erie County Executive, thinks that the county’s six IDAs should be consolidated. Republican incumbent Chris Collins thinks the system is fine the way it is now. [Buffalo News]
  • Things got heated at a recent Lancaster IDA meeting when members of the board discussed whether to renew a contract with a well-connected lobbying firm. [Buffalo News Strictly Business]
  • The Jefferson County IDA has determined that proposed tax exemptions for a housing project in Fort Drum won’t have a significant adverse environmental impact. [NYS Dept. of Envtl. Conservation]
  • The New York City IDA is helping to open grocery stores in underserved neighborhoods through its FRESH financial assistance program. [Supermarket News]
  • And the New York City Economic Development Corporation is issuing a new request for proposals to develop the Kingsbridge Armory in the Bronx. The last attempt to develop the site tanked in December 2009 because of a fight over living wages. [Your Nabe]
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