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Links roundup—MTA hurricane shut-down edition

August 28, 2011

A view of Grand Central Station following the MTA's shut-down on Saturday.

  • Bracing for Hurricane Irene, the MTA decided to completely shut down bus and subway services on Saturday afternoon. [NYT]  [NY Post]
  • Some people, however, think the MTA’s decision was a huge overreaction. [Gothamist]
  • Check out pictures of flooded and storm-wrecked MTA facilities. [Gothamist]
  • The MTA suspended some fares and tolls in order to speed evacuations from the Far Rockaways and other low-lying zones. [TU Capitol Confidential Blog]
  • But even though buses and subways might not be running again until Monday morning (and even then, the commute will probably be “hellish”), the MTA isn’t planning on offering any credits or extensions for people who’ve already purchased unlimited 30-day Metrocards. [NYT City Room Blog]
  • In non-hurricane-related MTA news, the C line isn’t going to get any new subway cars until 2017 even though it’s been voted the worst subway in New York City for the last three years in a row. [NYT]
  • WNYC says that the MTA’s current fiscal crisis is largely George Pataki’s fault, and to understand what happened, you have to go back to the early 1980s. [WNYC]
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