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Port Authority approves less traumatic toll increases but people are still mad about excessive overtime expenses

August 19, 2011

As expected, the Port Authority has backed off its initial plan to raise bridge and tunnel tolls by $4 this year (to be followed by another $2 increase in 2014) and to increase PATH fares by $1. Instead, the authority’s board of directors voted today to raise tolls by $1.50 and to raise PATH fares by $.25 every year for the next four years.

As Gothamist explains, “The more palatable development came after governors Andrew Cuomo and Chris Christie last night proposed them instead of the crazy-town bumps the PA initially proposed. The totally unsurprising move also came hot on the heels of a damning audit of the agency’s overtime expenses.”

The governors also issued a joint statement yesterday calling for more oversight over the Port Authority’s finances. “In this economic climate,” they write, “a toll and fare increase can only go forward if coupled with a stringent audit of the Port Authority practices that led to the fiscal mismanagement that made these increases the only financially solvable solution in the first place.”

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